Tranquility Spa Celebrates 30th Anniversary

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As seen in the Scarsdale Inquirer, October 15, 2021

SCARSDALE – Stephanie Hershkowitz, general manager and a principal of Tranquility Spa in the Midway Shopping Center, has announced the 30th anniversary of the business. The facility has operated continuously since its opening and experienced steady growth and expansion. “Our current location is 6,030 square feet,” says Hershkowitz, “with a reception area of 600 feet. That was just about the entire size of our first location.”

The business was formed in 1991 by Hershkowitz’s uncle, Dr. Andrew Schwartz, an endodontist with a practice in Scarsdale, and her mother, Billie Adelson, who had studied to become a licensed esthetician. Dr. Schwartz was frequenting a gym at 800 Central Avenue, Scarsdale, and noticed an empty space across the hall. Sensing an opportunity afforded by the neighboring gym and the clientele it regularly attracted for personal training, the two partnered to lease the space and launch Tranquility Spa, a modest four-room operation headed by Adelson offering massages and facials.

Soon the business advanced to where a move and expansion were required. Taking on more staff, Tranquility Spa relocated to 110 S. Central Ave, Hartsdale, a building in which, over a period of years, it occupied several increasingly larger spaces to accommodate the growth in demand for its services. At the same time, as the spa industry in general grew vastly in scope, and patronage of Tranquility along with it, plans began taking shape for a major upgrade to a comprehensive new facility.

On Nov. 26, 2004, Tranquility opened the dual-level spa location that they currently occupy, 917 Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale, with over a dozen massage rooms, changing rooms and lockers, showers, luxury lounge area, snack service, and a continuously evolving array of state-of-the-art technologies in the personal care field.


Hershkowitz observes that trends in the industry have shifted greatly since Tranquility first opened three decades ago: “Back then, our clientele were more into a holistic approach to wellness, seeking massage as a complement to a program of working out and other exercise. Today it’s very different – the field is much more popular and mainstream, with spa visitors primarily seeking pampering and relaxation beyond purely physical health benefits. “In 2021,” she explains, “we constantly hear from our guests how vital deep relaxation and personal appearance is to their being able to navigate the stressful times in which we live. Since our opening here, society has experienced a financial crisis, flu and other communicable disease seasons, political tensions, severe weather, and, of course, the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Operating a spa during the current pandemic presented two particular challenges for Tranquility. First was making the many changes necessary to create a safe environment for guests and staff, and second was gaining the public trust necessary for people to visit the spa with the confidence they would be safe.

“Thankfully, it has worked,” explains Hershkowitz. “Throughout it all, to manage Covid-related stress, people keep coming to us for the ‘time out’ and diversion from daily life, and, in some cases, grieving the loss of a loved one. We are seeing families coming in to celebrate life events, relax together and enjoy some sense of normality. We are also seeing people coming in for facials to treat skin issues caused by the constant wearing of masks.”

Most recently, Tranquility faced a new challenge with the arrival of tropical storm Ida, which caused a three-week shutdown due to severe flooding. “We took the opportunity to redecorate,” says Hershkowitz, “and reopen with an all-new, ultra-relaxing environment, better than ever.”


"Got Your Back" from Westchester Magazine

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Scarsdale’s Tranquility Spa has been relaxing and restoring Westchesterites for more than two decades.

Equally impressive to winning 14 Best Of awards in the 20 years this magazine has been handing them out is the fact Tranquility Spa is among but a few Westchester businesses that won both this year and in 2001, the inaugural year of the publication (for Best Day Spa in both instances). To glean more about a business that has consistently operated at the highest level for such a long time, we spoke with Stephanie Hershkowitz (her mother, Billie Adelson, and uncle Andrew Schwartz launched Tranquility in 1991), general manager of Tranquility Spa.

What is a key element to succeeding for as long as Tranquility has?

We’ve always stressed and practiced innovation, to offer clients whatever the latest technologies and services are, such as Hydra- Facials, laser technology for skincare and hair removal, and, most recently, CBD massages. Also, the deep experience of our staff makes clients feel comfortable, assured by the knowledge and trust that they will be there when needed and know exactly what to do.

Since 2001, was there any period that was especially challenging?

Being part of the community for as long as we have, we’ve been through it all. We were here during 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, and the H1N1 flu epidemic. Our philosophy of treating each client like you would a family member enabled people to trust they would leave feeling safe and better than when they came in. This philosophy starts with who I hire. When potential new staffers are performing during the interview process, I look not just for technical skill but also for a sense of energy, a natural feel they have, or don’t, for the business. Those intangibles are hard to teach but are important to imparting that familymember feel.

Are there many long-term employees?

We have been at our current Scarsdale location for almost 16 years. Much of our staff remained with us from our earlier location, in Hartsdale. It is these friendly faces at the front desk, of the massage therapists, aestheticians, and cleaning staff, that keep clients coming back. We have 12 employees who have been with us for at least 17 years, including massage therapists Dawn Freal [since 1995] and Natasha Vaz [since 2003].

What is the biggest change in your industry since 2001?

The amount of men who have become comfortable with self-care. We currently serve almost as many men as women. Men used to be ambivalent about visiting a spa but now see the benefits. Another principal change is the prevalence of computers and how their use in society affects the body. There is no “off button” to escape this.

Any special reopening plans when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?

We are planning to conduct curbside check-ins, and, when the treatment time is ready, clients will be called in their cars to enter and proceed directly to a treatment room. Hand sanitizing will be required for all clients upon entering the spa, and all staff will wear masks and gloves at the front desk. A clean apron and a new mask will be worn by the staff member for each new client. Turnaround time for a room is going to significantly increase (from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, as clients will change in the room, plus the boosted sanitation efforts). My overhead hasn’t changed, of course, so operating at reduced capacity will be a challenge. What does winning 14 Best Of awards mean to the business? It is a confirmation that our hard work and care are recognized. Tranquility Spa has grown and expanded over the years [from four treatment rooms in 1991 to 21 rooms today] because our clients wanted more from us. Winning year after year tells us we are doing.



Self Care During These Stressful Times

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Stressful times such as these are when we can most benefit from self-care. Tranquility Spa offers several services to help you manage stress, which in turn helps to strengthen your immune system.

At Tranquility Spa, the health, safety, well being and comfort of our guests has always been our primary concern. In business now for nearly 3 decades, Tranquility enjoys a long-standing reputation for its impeccable cleanliness and sterilization protocols. As always, every room is equipped with hand sanitizer and our employees are observing the strictest of sanitization procedures. And now, due to COVID-19, we have enhanced our routine protocols in numerous ways and removed snacks from the lounge area.

During our 28-year history, we have experienced and navigated through several epidemic environments, such as SARS, the H1N1 scare of 2009, and numerous difficult flu seasons, without ever a problem. Today, we understand the seriousness of COVID-19 and are bringing this experience to bear to protect our staff and clients.

We care deeply about you, your health, the health of your family, and of those around you. We are sharing this information to let you know what we do to provide a healthy and safe environment for you during your visits. As we look forward to greeting you and making you feel better, you can rely on us to always put your health and safety first and in the meantime invite any questions you may have.

Thank you for trusting Tranquility Spa.

A Trip to Tranquility can Help Support your Mental Health

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Given the world we live in today, it has been predicted that, in a decade or so, feelings among the population of anxiety/depression will be among the foremost issues in the United States. While certain conditions will of course require treatment by medical and mental health professionals, it is widely accepted that spa treatments can help alleviate feelings of depression, anxiety and overall stress. A visit to Tranquility – no matter which treatment you choose — can help make you feel better.

The benefits of Swedish massage are well known, but there may be an additional, lesser-known benefit. It is thought that such massage can lower the level in the body of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, and that lowering cortisol levels can increase white blood cell count. Adding the placement of hot stones to one’s back during the treatment can make this type of massage even more therapeutic by helping to alleviate chronic pain.

Also associated with stress relief is Aromatherapy, where the massage therapist uses warm oils as part of the treatment. Certain scents and essential oils – such as lavender, rose, chamomile, etc. – are used to target anxiety and are widely believed to alleviate symptoms. Aromatherapy is not only a soothing, sensual experience – it smells SO good!

Even people who do not consider themselves suffering from anxiety, depression or stress report that such treatments make them feel more balanced and grounded, and better able to deal with the world’s challenges. Regularly-scheduled massage treatments, over time, can make a significant difference not only in your day, but in your life!