Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a facial if I am taking acne medication or using a topical cream?

All medications and creams must be stopped one week prior to an appointment. YOU CANNOT GET A FACIAL WHEN ON ACCUTANE.

Can I get a facial with a cold sore?

Unfortunately not. Steam during a facial can spread the virus to other parts of the body or result in a bacterial infection of the sores.

How old does the recipient of a teen facial need to be?

Our recommendation is at least 12 years old and up to 19. A parent is welcome to sit in with their child during the treatment

Do I have to remove my make-up prior to a facial?

Your make-up will be removed by an aesthetician during the facial.

What facials can a pregnant/nursing person receive?

Our European Spa Facial is safe for someone currently nursing or pregnant. More aggressive treatments such as microdermabrasion or glycolic treatments cannot be done.

What can I expect after a facial?

Some redness may occur. We do not recommend applying make-up the same day. Depending on the treatment you may experience sensitivity.

Can I get a facial in the same room as another person?

We cannot have more than one person in a room for facials. However, massage and body treatments can be done for two people together in the same room.

How do I know what facial is best for me?

Our aestheticians will analyze your skin and make recommendations accordingly. You’re welcome to call and schedule a free consultation.