Frequently Asked Questions

Must I shave prior to my appointment?

You must be freshly shaved before your laser hair removal appointment. There is a $25 shaving fee.

Can I go in the sun before and/or after a laser treatment?

You cannot have direct sun exposure for 2 weeks prior to your appointment. It is suggested to stay out of the sun completely during the course of your laser treatments. It is most important to stay out of direct sunlight for minimum of two weeks after treatment. Direct sun exposure can cause severe sun burn, hyper/hypo pigmentation and blistering.

How many sessions will it take to remove the unwanted hair?

Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction. The suggested amount is 6-12 sessions depending on your skin and hair type. Laser hair removal is ineffective on gray and blonde hair. Touch-ups may be necessary as time goes on.

How often can I be treated?

Depending on the area it is best to schedule sessions 4-8 weeks apart.

Can I wax between sessions?

Once you have decided to begin laser treatments, there can be NO WAXING for 3 weeks prior to the first appointment and none during the course of the laser treatments.

How should I prepare my skin prior to my appointment?

All make-up must be removed prior to treatment. There can be no deodorant or body lotion on the skin. Any minerals or residue left on the skins surface can intensify the heat of the laser and result in a burn.

What age is recommended to begin laser hair removal?

With parental consent, a child as young as 13 can receive treatments. The risk is the same as for adults. New hair growth as the child develops will require touch-ups.

Can I receive treatments while pregnant?

You cannot receive any laser treatments if pregnant or nursing.