Laser Technology Restores Skin to Youthful Appearance

Published Friday, June 15, 2018
by Ralph M. Newman

Look and Feel Great with Advanced Laser Treatments - Tranquility Spa“People tell us that they consider a visit to Scarsdale-based Tranquility Spa a mini- vacation,” says Stephanie Hershkowitz, General Manager of the multi-level, 21-room facility. For over a quarter century, people have been considering Tranquility a destination location, regularly traveling considerable distances to relax their bodies, focus their minds, and drift away from the stresses of daily life.”

But now, due to market demand, Tranquility has announced an added dimension to its offerings: the ability for its clients to much more effectively treat and remove age signifiers, the early signs of aging, to create a younger looking, more radiant complexion – a vastly-improved appearance of one’s skin – and the accompanying feelings of joy and boosted confidence. In today’s environment, the culture is becoming more and more youth-oriented, and, additional to relaxation and stress reduction, mature adults are seeking ways to appear and feel less than their age, as easily and comfortably as possible.

Laser treatments are a highly-advanced technological approach to skin care, many notches above the topical glycolic acid treatments of years past, used for decades to treat skin from the outside in. Instead, laser applications treat skin from the inside out, a transformative process that activates the skin’s natural restorative properties to produce a more youthful, healthful appearance. What makes this treatment possible at Tranquility is the facility’s acquisition of advanced laser equipment by Cutera®, outfitted with several hand pieces to specifically treat various types of skin conditions, operated by a resident team of highly-skilled, New York State-licensed estheticians extensively trained by the manufacturer.

Says Hershkowitz: “Cutera’s technology is widely considered the gold standard, the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of the field. Some people believe that medical supervision is required or advantageous for such treatments— that they must visit a dermatological practice to properly receive them—which is somewhat of a misconception. Not all dermatologists have Cutera equipment. At a dermatologist’s office, the treatments typically are not administered by a doctor, but rather also by estheticians, subject to the limited availabilities of appointments during practice hours. At Tranquility, fitting laser treatment sessions into today’s typically-hectic lifestyles is extremely accommodative and convenient, since the facility is open seven days, 9 to 9 on weekdays and 9 to 6 on weekends, with parking directly outside the door. In even as highly-regulated and consumer-protective a state as New York, there is no requirement for laser skin care treatments to be administered or supervised by a medical doctor, while the state does strictly require that the provider be a state-licensed, trained esthetician. Tranquility’s entire team of estheticians fully meets these requirements, delivering the same results, with treatments tending to be less costly than at medical practices.”

Typically, when a client first engages with Tranquility, one of the facility’s licensed estheticians will conduct a thorough skin analysis to evaluate the person’s individual needs and objectives to determine and recommend appropriate treatments. Says esthetician Allison Courtenay: “As we approach the summer, and people dress more lightly and show more of their skin, they come to us concerned about looking better and losing their now-more-visible signs of age. And additional to treating specific superficial skin conditions, various laser treatments stimulate production of collagen inside the skin, to help clients enhance its texture, firmness and smoothness to make them appear younger.”

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Courtenay explains that the laser treatments offered by Tranquility fall into several categories. Laser Genesis® stimulates the skin’s natural processes to reverse the signs of aging, sun damage and scarring to promote a vibrant looking complexion. Micro-pulses of energy activate collagen remodeling to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots. A series of 4 to 6 treatments is recommended to achieve an optimal outcome. “Laser Genesis is a ‘lunchtime procedure,” says Courtenay. “The service is quick, you get right back to work, you do six treatments, one every two weeks, with no downtime. You’re not getting your skin burned off by a plastic surgeon, and any resulting redness lasts for just a few hours at most – you don’t have to hide in your house and avoid social contact.”

Limelight® is ideal for any part of the hands, sides of the nose, face, neck, and décolletage area – any area that exhibits skin redness, brown spots, spider veins and other vascular irregularities that were difficult in the past to remove. The treatment is customized to each client’s individual skin type to selectively treat the brown and/or red pigmented areas on the skin, with heating of the subcutaneous brown and red cells causing the therapeutic effect. The brown spots at first briefly turn slightly darker – anywhere from an hour to a day – which can be safely covered with makeup, and then simply flake off naturally. Treatment time depends on the area of the body being treated but most treatments should last less than an hour. One to three treatments are usually sufficient to see results, but additional treatments may be recommended for excessively sun-damaged skin.

“I just treated one woman for sun damage and brown spots,” says Courtenay. This woman is in her 60s and had been coming to Tranquility for quite some time for topical treatments, with very subtle results. When she opted to go the laser route, we did 6 sessions with her for a vast improvement: her skin became firmer, her pores became smaller, her face glowed – what a fabulous difference!”

Laser hair removal for women and men is a fast, comfortable procedure that can be performed in as little as a half hour and helps eliminate the need to shave or go for regular waxing sessions. This technology delivers powerful, gentle light to the hair follicle to prevent regrowth. Treatment areas include the entire body, including underarms, legs, bikini area, arms, chest and back. Depending on the body part, the process takes in the range of 9-12 sessions – one every 4 to 6 weeks – with occasional touch-up possibly required due to one’s particular hormonal activity. This number of sessions is necessary because hair follicles throughout the body grow in different cyclical phases. Generally, the lighter the skin and the darker the hair, the more effective is the process – it will not work with gray hair, where there is insufficient pigmentation to attract the laser and kill the follicle.

Concludes Hershkowitz: “With the summer season upon us, laser treatments can help you create a new ‘you.’ Now, when you look in the mirror and see something about your skin’s appearance that’s bothering you, instead of letting it stress you, or create worry about what others may think, there’s something really effective you can do about it!”

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