Revitalize, Refresh, Rejuvenate - Spa treatments keep you at your best

Published Friday, February 8, 2019
by Ralph M. Newman

Source: Westchester Wellness Magazine

Westchester Wellness December 2018 - January 2019“Touch is a powerful healer,” said Stephanie Hershkowitz, general manager of Tranquility Spa in Scarsdale, “and therein lies the vitalizing benefit of massage therapy.” Having a knowledgeable massage therapist transmitting that energy to you with their expert, trained hands can have a major effect on how you feel and function. The most commonly recognized benefit of massage is relaxation, which many of our guests regularly tell us helps them cope with the times we live in. Plus, there’s the added benefit of having some personal down time away from your phone and requirements to be constantly available.

Not to mention the feeling you get after a day (or even just an hour) at the spa, which can be hard to put into words. You float away from your appointment, happy and peaceful, ready to take on whatever the next moment brings.


Massage therapy can support heart health and help improve sleep and circulation. Abdominal massage, combined with the intake of water, can help improve digestion, flush the body of toxins, and contribute to an overall feeling of improved well-being. Deep tissue massage can relieve headaches caused by the tension in one’s shoulder muscles, a cause and effect not commonly understood by those who suffer such pain.

“In extreme cases you can actually hear the ‘crunch’ and feel a sort of ‘pop’ as the knots in the muscles dissipate during the treatment. In fact, deep tissue massage is becoming one of our most popular offerings, due to the stress level prevalent in society today,” said massage therapist Louisa Borell. “For example, take people who work at computers all day and are on constant call. They don’t realize that their shoulders are up, their arms are in typing position for hours, while their muscles are becoming increasingly tense and leading to pain. With deep tissue massage, you get to ‘melt away’ and put the day behind you. A slight soreness may follow the next day, such as after working out, but overall you feel much better.”

Paraffin, Seaweed and Dead Sea Mud wraps can provide additional bene ts, including relief from psoriasis, joint aches, muscle aches and arthritis. One facet of body wraps that guests say are extremely enjoyable is the swaddled feeling they provide: a very comforting, soothing, womb-like, security-inducing experience that allows them to relax in a deeper way. And, during the coming winter months, adding in hot stone massages can be particularly warm and comforting.

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